FGC Kenya LLC has the knowledge and experience necessary to help you with complex financial accounting, compliance and bookkeeping issues. We have serviced well known and big companies and non-profit making organisations (NGOs). 

Our accounting approaches conform to the leading edge of best practices tailored to suit each client’s needs, size and nature of business.

The following are the services we offer under accounting arm of FGC Kenya LLC

Outsourcing Accounts Department

Outsourcing sections or the whole accounting department to experts and specialists who deal with accounting functions of many big and small firms could be the best strategic move for your business as it will mean better accounting functions, cheaper on cost and space and leaves everyone in your company free to concentrate on building the business.

Why `Yes` to FGC?

  • We help our clients better run the Finance and accounting department.
  • We bring discipline and professionalism in the organisation and in producing timely and relevant daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports.
  • We bring an in-depth professional experience and understanding of accounting, tax and reporting issues and complexities.
  • We guide the management and directors on business financial matters for them to make better data based decisions.
  • We help our clients prepare for external and donor audits
Outsourcing CFO/FM Roles

The role of a Chief Finance Officer (CFO) is becoming more strategic, future oriented and value focused in the market all driven by the increasingly global nature of modern businesses and continued volatility in the market.

The need for real time decision making to drive business performance is gravely important today from both the senior management team and the Board. FGC outsource the role of CFO to help our client`s businesses to cope and remain strategically competitive,

Why `Yes` to FGC?

  • To oversee, build, professionalize and bring order in finance and accounting department.
  • Formulate and finance and accounting strategy that links and supports the overall company strategy and its strategic objectives.
  • We will Interlink the company strategy and financial data from multiple sources and use this to advice the SMT, governance and manage the overall company performance.
  • Set strategy linked performance targets for the finance and accounting teams and continuously monitor their progress and performance.
  • Assess and establish strong financial controls in response to increased regulations and IFRS standards.
  • Oversee the aggregation and analysis of performance data from multiple operating territories and products.
  • Provide not only financial but also non-financial performance reports to the executive and board which shall reflect financials, strategic objectives, risks analysis, talent reports and sustainability reports.
  • Provide insightful and actionable advise that decision makers can rely on.
  • Orchestrate necessary collaborations from different arms of the company to achieve set short-term and long-term objectives.
Capacity Building assessment

FGC Kenya LLC appreciate that the financial function lies at the very heart of every organisation and act as the backbone of the efforts to achieve mission and vision set by our clients. Appreciating this, we help our clients build capacity of their finance and accounting teams and also assess the capacity of organisations and write reports of the same to investors, shareholders and potential donors in the NGO world.

What will FGC Kenya LLC do for you?

  • Scope, document and update finance and procurement manuals.
  • Conduct pre-award assessment for donors and investors.
  • Train and support the finance and procurement teams to comply with accounting, procurement and donors’ guidelines and regulations.
  • Train the finance and procurement teams on the international standards and code of conduct to enable them support the organisational mission and vision on a more impactful level.
Outsourcing Internal Audit

Risks and internal controls have never been more important and critical to the boards and executives as they face growing pressure from stakeholders and as the market places change drastically without warnings.

Internal audit function has emerged as a key means to be used by the boards and executives to stay on top of the unprecedented pressures and a way of giving them confidence to deal with the risks that threaten the achievement of the organisational strategic goals and objectives.

At FGC Kenya LLC, we deliver internal audit excellence as stakeholders expect continually expect more. Our clients look to us as trusted partners with distinctive skills and experience gathered over the years. We are more proactive and forward looking to give our clients opportunity to grow faster and be adequately informed and ahead of everyone else.

Consider outsourcing internal audit function if you currently do not have an internal audit team, your internal audit function is doing its best but still struggling to provide the assurance and recommendations that the business need to meet its goals or you have unexpected control failures that make you question your current internal audit functions.

Our skills and investments we are making in leading edge staff and techniques give us the comfort to deliver the following:

What will FGC Kenya LLC do for you?

  • Proactively align the 3 defense system in the organisation.
  • Enhancing internal audit methodologies to improve audit planning, execution and reporting which will lead to focusing on the right risks at the right time.
  • Provide a forward-looking perspective on the changing risk landscape of the business.
  • Advice the management on how to develop talent to address the most significant risks of the business.
  • Assist management in establishing root cause of risks and provide timely and actionable recommendations.
  • To harness the power of data throughout the internal audit life cycle to provide accurate and informed insights into the organisation.
  • Provide a line of defense that protects your organisation from the unthinkable by detecting risks, fraud, errors and abuse earlier.
  • To help you reduce cost and improve effectiveness of governance, risk and compliance activities.
  • Map risks and responsible people and positions for managing the various organisational risks identified.
  • Support management in development of risk transfer strategies.

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