FGC Kenya LLC is committed to build capacity of our clients through training programmes and workshops which cover modularised trainings and, upon request, specialised area and industry tailored seminars.

Our trainings are tailored to cover staff and work-related skills, abilities and temperament required in modern and future workplaces. We focus on trainings that will build the capacity of our client`s staffs, senior management and board directors who in turn improve their contribution to the company, performance, efficiency and effectiveness.

The trainings at FGC Kenya LLC are taught by the partners who hold high degrees and amplified and verified experience to deliver the best, practical and meaning and context. 

The trainings we conduct include:

  • Corporate Governance Trainings
  • Senior management trainings.
  • Staff Trainings
  • Staff Orientations
  • Organisational Annual Trainings
  • Specialised Skills and Sectoral Trainings.
  • Money Management Trainings.
  • Accounting for Non-Accounting management and staff.

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