The world is in motion at a pace that is gathering pace. Returns, innovation and growth is more critical than ever. Efficiency and effectiveness definitions are being redefined on a daily basis and competitive advantage is getting elusive for many. 

FGC Kenya LLC understand this in an intimate way and has brought together the best strategy skills, techniques, experience and culture to help our clients formulate, implement and review their strategies. 

Strategy Services FGC Kenya LLC offers include:

Strategy Formulation

At FGC Kenya, we assist our clients with formulating strategies for specific issues, specific divisions, specific situations and for the general organisation while at the same time addressing the senior executives and the board`s competitive advantage, returns and growth agenda. 

We focus on strategies that are actionable, forward looking, innovative and that bring not only immediate impact but also long-term sustainability.
Our approach to strategy formulation is data-driven, multidisciplinary, integrated and consultative seeking to incorporate all the dimensions of each company and taking into consideration its current and future environment. We work in a sense of urgency and objectivity to the assessment of the organisation to identify financial and operational challenges and develop strategies that will increase organisational value. 

Strategy Implementation

FCG Kenya LLC not only help the clients formulate the strategies, we also commit to walk hand in hand with them to assist them actualise the strategies  and convert the reports to action and impact. 

At FGC Kenya LLC, we refuse our reports and work to collect dust unused in the shelves. This way we ensure all our clients get the value for their money and jealously guard our reputation by delivering our promises.

As part of strategy execution function, we assist our clients to align their organisational structure and culture to the formulated organisational strategy as a well aligned organisation is the only way to get 100 per cent competitive advantage desired. 

Strategy Monitoring and Evaluation

What is not measured and consistently monitored does not get achieved. Anything as important to the stakeholders as the strategy need to be assessed, measured and reported to determine the relevance and competitiveness of the strategy over time.

This give the opportunity to cut out what is not working and to enrich the strategy as time goes and as the fast pacing changes keep happening. At FGC Kenya LLC, we have developed the necessary tools, techniques and skill set to continuously monitor and evaluate strategic impacts and effectiveness in real time and report to the executive and the board for them to make properly informed strategic decisions. 

FGC Kenya LLC. We tackle the most pressing issues, take ownership, call it like we see it, and deliver lasting impact.

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